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To tutors who are losing students over the past few months...


The Simple 4-Step PACK Method That Brought Me From “2-Student Tutor” To Helping 50+ Tutors Enroll Over 2,500 Students...

If you're a tutor, I will teach you how to get more students - as many as you want - whenever you want.

Learn and launch your first enquiry-generating online advertisement in 1 week or less… 

…without having a huge budget (just $15/day is more than enough to start)

So you can finally have full control over your tutoring business... 

...even grow it into a team and brand if you wish… 

…and finally end all your worries about getting new enrollments forever.

I failed to get students as a tutor myself many years ago.

After spending tons of money renting a place… doing renovation… distributing flyers and what have you not…

A few months later, I was still at a grand total of TWO students.

And was forced to, to the embarrassment of my girlfriend, friends, family who were so excited I was going to be a “successful entrepreneur” to close down and move on...

Funnily enough… after I got a job… I apprenticed under a real master and finally learned what I did wrong.

And things came full circle when I started helping other tutors get their students instead.

In this short letter, I will show you the 4 step PACK method that I used to help over 50 tutors pack their classes.

This probably flies in the face of what you’ve been told before…

“Tuition is a referral business…” is what I usually hear from most tutors.

Especially if you’re distributing flyers, posting yourself in student directories.. waiting for referrals to drop you a message…

Then you’ve probably never really taken absolute control of your student enquiry generation before…

I promise you that by the end of this letter, you will start to know 

How to get even people who don’t know you to sign up as your students.
Specifically, I’ll be answering these burning questions for you:
  • What 99% of tutors really do WRONG when they market themselves… that they are still not aware of 
  • How to pinpoint the correct student (or their parent) who really wants your service, and enroll more of them as your students
  • The 3 factors you must assemble before you can market yourself successfully as a tutor (most tutors don’t even have 1... which is why they can't differentiate from other tutors)
  • ​How to write a successful tuition advertisement that stands out in 11 simple steps... even if you're not "talented" in writing
  • ​Where to put your advertisement out to get the most returns back for every dollar you spend. (Spoiler: not flyers, not directories, not even google…)
And much more…

By the way, I get it if you’re feeling slightly skeptical at this point. 

I’m one of the most skeptical people around too….

So let me just share a little bit about the kind of results I’ve actually generated. 

I’m Gary Ong, the Founder of Tuition Marketing Formula. 

I run an agency specialising in advertising for tutors, and as of now. Here’s my experience:
  • Partnered over 50+ tutors to grow their students over the past 5 years
  • Directly generated over 12,500+ enquiries, 2,500 student signups & $7.5 million worth of student fees for clients
  • Experienced with marketing most subjects across the board --- English, Math, Science, Chinese, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IP, IB across Preschool, Primary, Secondary & JC Levels.
  • ​Experienced with private tutors, large tuition chains, enrichment centres, private schools & universities. Developed 27+ customised strategies depending on your current number of students.
  • ​Regional Presence: We've participated in projects in SingaporeHong Kong, Australia, Shanghai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Phillippines, India, UK & US as well.
And just to be absolutely upfront so I don’t waste your time, 

I want to put a quick disclaimer upfront that continuing to read this letter is best for:
  • Tutors who usually don’t do marketing at all
  • Tutors who do marketing but have gotten really bad results (for example, you spend hundreds of dollars and don’t get a single signup or student)
  • Tutors who have gotten some results from marketing… and you want to see how you can get to the next level with some optimisation
  • ​Educators & service providers with similar business models to tutors, be it enrichment, training or consulting etc.
That’s it.

If you’re not in any of these groups, then you probably shouldn’t go on.

But if you are, you’re in for a ride.

[Math Books] Experienced multiple team wins like growth from 3 figures day to 5 figures day within the span of one year!

"I’m John and I manage Learning Out of the Box. Also a self published author of over 45 pri school math guidebooks. What I like about Gary and Mel is they are fast and open to out of the box business and marketing ideas to help us reach out to more parents who teach their kids at home. The challenge is we have limited reach in terms of marketing. After having worked with Gary and Mel, we have experienced multiple team wins like growth from 3 figures day to 5 figures day within the span of one year. Looking forward to bigger long term collaboration 😊 yes will recommend more likeminded clients to you😊"

[Play Enrichment & Robotics] The initial advertisements were so successful that we’re still using them 3 years later… even managed to secure new franchisees!


[Physics & Chemistry Tutor] I saw results from the first day. Eventually, I was able to make back a lot more than I invested in them.


What I Learnt After Enrolling 2,500 Students…

In case you missed it earlier, I’m Gary Ong, the Founder of Tuition Marketing Formula. 

And right now, I’m probably the best tutor marketing guy you can find.

It sounds weird to say this... but let me explain.

Marketing for tutors is a weird “niche” to be in so I don’t have any real competition.

Most agencies operate in 5-7 industries, and they typically go for trainers, consultants, wealth, health… sort of niches.

So naturally... I will straight out beat any non-tutor marketing specialist because of how much experience I’ve accumulated… 

And I’ve never “lost” in performance against any other competitor agency…

In fact, at least 80% of my clients came from recent failures with other agencies…

And I transform previous failed campaigns into successes, because here’s what’s unique about the way I work…

I’m the sales guy, 

I’m the consultant, 

I’m the digital marketer,

And I’m the copywriter.

So basically, I interact with tutors AND do the ground work to get them results.

If you’ve worked with a typical marketing agency before, you know this is not the norm at all.

And that’s also the key reason why I’ve been so successful in helping tutors.

My experience in working with tutors stacks up exponentially compared to a 3 or 5-man team who does 10 different industries.

And yeah... I’ve really generated this much revenue for my clients.

7.5 million is a staggering number, so let me break the numbers down so this makes sense.

I’ve worked with 50 tutors.

On average, each tutor has achieved at least 50 additional students from working with me. (conservative numbers)

Their average rate is about $250 per month.

And each student on average has stayed 1 year with them.

So 50 tutors * 50 enrollments * $250/month * 12 months

= Total: $7.5 million

That’s not even counting referrals, sales from other programmes, etc etc…

By the way just to be clear, I’m not sharing this to brag,

But to assure you that it’s worth reading what I’m about to share with you in this letter.

After all, any Tom Dick or Harry who read a book or attended a course can call themselves “digital marketers” nowadays… but they can’t get actual results.

If necessary, I could show you rooms after rooms packed with parents for clients I’ve worked with.

But because I respect my clients and their privacy… I’ve chosen not to.

Instead, half of them have kindly written reviews so you can see what they say first-hand…

[English Math Science Tutor] 50-70 more students every year... and that’s not counting referrals!


[Math] Still using the same Facebook ad after 4 years… attribute over 100 signups directly to that!


[PSLE English Math Science] Consistently filling our webinars every week with a few dozen enquiries!


How A Failed Tuition Centre Owner Became A Tuition Centre Marketer

Most people know me as the marketing guy for tuition centres and other educators, but I never really got to share the part where ...

…I failed in setting up a tuition centre myself!

It was probably 7 years back at least. 

I was still studying in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), but an interesting offer popped up from a well-known entrepreneur who was introduced to me.

I started a tuition centre with 3 friends.

We were invested in by a very big name preschool chain to spearhead their tuition arm.

It all sounds like we’re set for success right?


It was an absolute horror.

The days of waiting around, freshly renovated centre.


Thinking if it was a bad idea to be located on the 2nd floor instead of 1st floor.

Going to the shopping area nearby to handout flyers, and watch people throw them in the bin right after I handed it to them.

Wondering when someone was going to finally walk in and enquire.

And when they actually did, doing a consultation and self-doubting myself whether it was done well.

Getting my answer when the parent never got back…

After 3 months of hard work, we had a grand total of…


And these were referrals from our investors, so really we had ZERO students from our efforts.

Sad huh.

Believe me when I tell you, I know firsthand the intense pain and fear of having no prospects and no customers in your business. (In fact, I failed 1 before and 2 more business ventures after that)

Long story short, we were told to end things very shortly after, and I went back to school with a failed business.

It was a really bad experience that made me wonder if I was cut out for any sort of business at all.

But I kept trying.

I went on to fail 3-4 more times in similar ventures…

Then I saw a Facebook post which changed my life forever.

It was a hiring post by a pretty famous marketing strategist whom I’ve been following on social media for awhile.

I thought to myself. It was either I was going to keep failing in business and get a real job… or I figure out the answer once and for all by apprenticing and learning the ropes.

(P.S. I’ll just call my teacher Sensei from here on because I’m not sure if he’s comfortable to be named)

So I attended the interview…

And Sensei told me this:

99% of businesses out there are getting it wrong when it comes to marketing.

That includes me…

While we think of marketing as sending out flyers or doing some branding or awareness … getting eyeballs… being creative.

The only real marketing is marketing that sells.

As quoted from David Ogilvy, a legend in this field:

“We sell, or else. If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative”

I was stunned that night after what must’ve been a 3-4 hour long interview.

That wasn’t really the way I ever thought.

Either way, I knew I absolutely had to take on the apprenticeship to learn everything I could.

So I got started..

And the funny thing is… I was catapulted right into a new project,

Which was a programme selling our marketing services to tutors!

You wouldn’t believe the sheer coincidence.

It still makes my hair stand thinking back now.

And considering that’s something I already had emotional scars in… I was scared as hell.

But well… It’s not like I could say no since it was my first assignment in my new job,

So I dug my head in and hoped for the best.

2 months later… 

While still pretty much brand new other than making dozens of calls each day to sell our tutor programmes… 

(that’s how I know so many tutors so well by the way lol)

I was given my first tutor client to consult….

That’s when I started to realise the problem.

It was like I was looking at myself in the mirror.

They were just like me!

Every tutor who faces problems getting students…

Has a story that goes along these lines…

  • “Some people started approaching me to see if I could teach them privately since I was so good at tests myself.”
  • “I opened a tuition practice or started going full time as a tutor.”
  • “I post on a few websites, distribute flyers in my neighbourhood every now and then… sit back and get referrals.”
  • ​“Initial years are perfect… I have more students than I can imagine..”
  • Then suddenly one day… it all stops.
  • No more referrals, no enquiries.
  • ​Suddenly it’s like I had no business and I was just a jobless nobody overnight.
So what exactly is the problem?

You may already realise this by now if you’ve been reading carefully. 

It’s simple.

99% of tutors have NO system for marketing!

And hence, you have NO control over how many students you have!

By system, I don’t mean posting randomly on directories or forums.

Or distributing flyers randomly in the neighbourhood.

Or doing some talks and appearing on some articles to improve your “branding” and get “eyeballs”

I mean having a process that gets you enquiries and signups for every $X you spend

For me working on my clients directly, that amount is between $10 -$40 (depending on the offer) 

That means my clients - and myself - know that we will get an enquiry after spending this amount of money.

And for around every 5 enquiries, we’ll get 1 sale.

That means a student costs us $50 to $200 to enroll.

First month covers those fees.

An average student stays 1 year.

So the return on investment is 12 TIMES their cost.

So if you spend $1000, you should make $12,000 after 1 year. And so on.

That’s a proper system.

I build this system with every client.

Check out what some of them say:

[Math Tutor] Best investment ever made… with their help and expertise, we were able to sell out most of our webinars and seminars.


[Math Tutor] Proposal and layouts were done within a week and I had a very good response from the marketing campaign

"Had a chance to work with Gary and Mel to Market my tuition programs. Must say that they are efficient and driven in their efforts. Proposal and layouts were done within a week and i had a Very good response from the Marketing campaign..Best of all the charges are quite fair and reasonable..

I would recommend them to any tuition center who wish to gather more students! Thumbs up for a great job!"

[Math & Science Tutor] Solid system... First advertisement we tested was already a hit!

"As a budding new centre, Gary has given us advice and a solid system to follow and get our first batch of new students from Facebook. The very first advertisement we tested was already a hit, and I’m really impressed by their depth of expertise in the tutor marketing field. Highly recommended!" - Sheau Ling, Co-Founder, Learnershaus

Chances are, I’m willing to bet you haven’t got this system nailed down.

I know this because I’ve spoken on the phone to over a thousand tutors before I even started consulting.

Of every 20 tutors, I’m lucky if I can talk to even 1 tutor that has some hint of a system.

So it’s rare.

And it’s not easy to build.

In my job previously, when I first started on my first 2 tutors, 

I only got it down after 2 tries.

Thank god my client was patient.

And when I got it down, guess what?

My manager said good job, and had me handle 8 more tutors.


If it was all luck earlier, my luck will proceed to fail me now.

Thankfully, I struggled… and made it through…

I used the same process, and got success 8 more times for these tutors

Honestly, the only thing that was in my mind was that I wished I knew this when I started my own tutoring service…

By the time I speak with you today, I’ve implemented with my own hands this system for 50+ tutors, and they are reaping the fruits of success…

[Math Tutor] Able to see result in just the first month onboard with Gary and team… 


[Online Tuition] Go all the way to help… taught and guided my company staff on how to use FB manager and assisted him even after the contract ended.

"Gary and Mel will go all the way to help and accommodate your business needs. They will work closely with you and are very willing to share. They recommended their video editor and creator to us. Gary and Mel also taught and guided my company staff on how to use FB manager and assisted him even after the contract ended. Very helpful and professional. Till this day, they are willing to help and give advice. Great job." - Andrew Kang

[Math] Dependable… fast response… taught us how to share our best stuff more powerfully with parents!

Now let me answer the question that might be in your mind.

Are there failures? 

Yes… there are failures, but they are a minority (about 5% of tutors) and it’s usually because our consulting fees which were rather high didn’t justify their returns.

The underlying system however, has worked no matter what.

So here’s the process that I’ve refined and reworked 5 years later to almost absolute perfection.

The best part is that it’s a process, not a copy paste template.

If it’s copy paste, it wears out when everyone else starts copying and pasting.

For this process… even though I’ve worked on 50 different tutors, they turn out as different marketing angles that are unique from each other.


The 4 Steps Of The PACK Method 

So as I’ve mentioned… the solution is having a system to get enquiries at a predictable rate.

There are 4 steps to this, and I call this the PACK method for short.

Here it is:

1. Pinpoint

The key step at the start is to know who exactly you’re selling to.

This sounds simple, but often tutors overgeneralise their market without knowing it.

“I am looking for parents who need tuition between primary 1 to jc2, English math science chinese”

Every 100 centres I consult with, I get at least 80 centres who will tell me this is their market.

That’s too general!

The result is that people don’t resonate with you, and they don’t end up signing up for anything that you offer.

Let me share with you a quick example of pinpointing the right market.

For example, offering tuition in general

Vs offering Secondary school tuition

Vs offering Secondary 2 tuition

Vs offering tuition for sec2 children scoring C in Science and looking to get a strong B to successfully stream into triple science stream in Sec3.

Do you see how the strength of the tuition services automatically improves as we narrow the market down?

One common objection is that the end-market might be too small.

Here’s a quick example to disprove that:

A brand we all know that starts with T, their initial positioning has always been for “elite students”. 

The minority who gets the best only after they pass the entrance exams etc etc..

But do only elites end up signing up for their services?

No, almost everyone you know desires to get their child into T...

Marketing your tutoring services is essentially that way.

So ONE. Start with a clear and focused market.

So let me pose this question back to you again:

WHO exactly are you selling to?

In my Pinpointing process, I have a series of 16 questions to ask yourself to exactly pinpoint the type of parent and student, as well as their underlying problems - 

Here’s 5 of them:

1. Which level/subject/grade combination is your ideal student?
2. What problems and pains do the students face?
3. What are the top 3 reasons they have not found a solution until now?
4. What do parents feel about their children (the student) not doing well? How aware are they of their child’s real problems and pains?
5. Do the parents/students want to be served by you and do you want to serve them?

In case I’ve not emphasised this earlier…

Tutoring is a unique market where the person who buys the service is NOT the consumer of the service.

And it gets more challenging when the parent and the student(child) both have different problems and perceived “solutions” to these problems.

This means you need to dig deep and pinpoint both the ideal parent AND ideal student you want.

One of the core things that will surface here once you’ve done it right…

Is the Real Underlying Problem (RUP) that they face… which you can solve.

When you know that, it clears the ground to let you then proceed to…

2. Assemble

This is the part where you get ammunition to attract your ideal parent.

There are 3 things you need to assemble to become the top choice for your ideal parent:

And you need to assemble them in this specific order (if not you might have to backtrack and do double work)

1. Tutor Positioning (TP)

The key to your positioning is that it should be unique and immediately beneficial to your ideal parent.

For instance.

“Problem Sum” Specialist for B children to reach A.

Could be one.

You know you’ve done it right when it’s punchy AND it immediately rings a bell when your ideal parent/student sees it.

There are many other ways to position especially if your market is crowded… there’s about 7 factors that you can consider.

2. Unique Method (UM)

After you position, you develop your unique method.

It should be based on how you actually teach.

Riding on my earlier example … it could be a 3-step way to solve problem sums that usually takes 5 steps.

Saving time for checking… securing more marks in the exam…

Most tutors usually don’t have a UM, and that’s why they fail to stand out and attract enquiries.

By the way, there’s also another big secret and benefit to developing this…

The unique method will also help you start to develop your tutor branding, which is essential if you ever want to expand next time… 

Or if you eventually want to “sell” your proprietary method and handover to another tutor for retirement. :)

Last but not least, you need your…

3. Risk-Free Offer (RFO)

The Risk-Free Offer is basically your introductory opportunity to educate them about yourself and get their firm commitment to leave their name, email and phone number with you.

Generally speaking, there are 3 main offers you want to consider.
– An introductory webinar
– A trial class
– A consultation

Plus, you need to add various elements to make this a no-brainer.

There’s a complete list of 21 elements you can consider, for example…

Crafting attractive bonuses (there are ways to make this delivery-free on your end and bind them to a stronger commitment) 

Guarantees (and no, it doesn’t always have to be a refund…)

And so on…

But all in all, it should be about 5-7 bullets of what your ideal client can expect to get when they enquire with you now.

It MUST be a good deal.

Whichever is more suitable, it depends on your profile.

With my clients, I provide templates and flows which they can use to:

Determine which offer is the most suitable for them AND their ideal parent…

As well as how to run and improve the offer effectively…

Once you have these 3, you’re then ready to move on to…

3. Copywriting

I cannot emphasise enough that good copywriting is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to differentiate and stand out vs other tutors.

This is because unlike products, tutoring is intangible.

Which means you gotta make extra effort to make it as tangible as you possibly can.

“Experienced tutors with 20 years experience, small class sizes, convenient location”

IS NOT good copy.

Good copywriting is…

When you actually begin to flesh out everything that you need to educate your prospects on things like.

Something that “hooks” their attention to read more…

The symptoms they are seeing…

The REAL underlying problem (RUP) they are facing…

The unique method (UM) that solves this problem…

Your positioning and credibility to deliver this unique method…

Proof that you have created results in the past…

Your Risk Free Offer (RFO) that is painless and easy for them to commit to… 

Why they should commit now vs committing in the future…

A clear way to take action…

(p.s. see how you’ve assembled these in step 2 earlier?)

You can start to see how all this can’t possibly be compiled into 3 lines… 1 paragraph.

And definitely…

You can imagine that the ad gets pretty long.

And the surprising thing is…

It works better than short & brief copywriting!


Marketing is essentially sales in word form.

So compare this to a sales meeting.

Would you say a 1-minute sales meeting is more effective than a 30-minute sales meeting?

Of course not.

Or you can even compare this with movies.

Is a 1-hour low budget action flick better than a 2.5-hour marvel avengers movie?

You get the idea…

The same way it works for good copywriting.

It doesn’t have to be long. But it has to be enough to convince your prospect that you’re THE expert…

And the most logical choice they should go for.

If you get the right market, 

They will read and digest every single word.

(Just like you’re digesting every word I’m typing right now)

The best part?

This means they are pre-sold on your “tutor brand” and likely to be quality enquiries who are more serious as well.

There are nuances to each segment and 11 steps in total… 

But I’ve already outlined the overall copywriting flow for you above.

Once you get your copywriting down, you’re at the last and possibly most important step:

4. Key Channels

This is the last step of PACK and it’s also the most critical.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Same problem with the masterpiece you’ve created if you follow step 1-3.

If it’s not in the right channel, you’re not gonna get anyone.

As you know, I’ve done a lot of research and actual testing in this domain.

Tutor Directories and Matching…
Online Marketplaces…
Website banners…
Even annoying ones that appear when you play your favourite phone game…

If you can name it, I’ve tested it.

When I pit them all against this one channel, they lose in terms of efficiency.

I think cost per enquiry is the most efficient measurement there is.

I’m just gonna give the answer right to you.

It’s Facebook.

No matter what I pit against Facebook, it wins. Period. 

Because it’s just so powerful compared to other channels. 

– You can use it to target people within a 5km radius around your neighbourhood (even specific buildings if you want to)

– You can target specific interests that correlate with major examinations or test preparations.

– You can outline specific age groups who you know are likely to be parents of a certain children age group … you can even target parents and people who are married directly

And much more…

That’s the same reason why I’ve honed and developed a foolproof system to launch your Facebook ad.

It takes less than an hour to setup if you know how to use a computer…

And I’ve done it in a way where you don’t need a website, and you don’t need to pay for any support system at all…

So it’s budget-friendly (most tutors I work with operate on a really small budget compared to say, e-commerce)

P.S. Here’s a quick hint. If you’ve tried running Facebook ads and it didn’t work for you, you can probably locate the issue under step 1,2 or 3 of the PACK method.


The moment you implement the PACK Method correctly, you’ve done the heavy lifting work once and for all.

You don’t even need to maintain it much if you’re running on a small scale…

And you’ll get notifications on your phone to followup with…

It’s easy, and it’s friendly for busy tutors who really don’t have much extra time to spare.

Don’t just hear it from me. Hear this from some of the tutors I’ve worked with:

[Chinese Tutor & Enrichment] Best we have worked with so far… Instrumental to our growth from 2 centres to 4 centres!


[Math Tuition & Enrichment] Expertise to understand very niche groups… filled rooms after rooms of parents to share our programme!


[English] Under his stewardship, we have managed to reach out and impact more students than we could have imagined.


A Method Repeated Over 50 Times Successfully…

So as mentioned earlier…

After I completed projects with my first 10 tutors…

Things started happening quickly…

I took on 40+ more tutors over the span of the next few years.

I repeated this method of marketing with them that I just showed you.

Some became overnight successes…

Others hit roadbumps.

Which made me realise this system wasn’t foolproof yet.

So I kept improving the system until I thought it was as flawless as it can get.

The end product is the PACK Method.

Next, I wanted to test if tutors could implement the PACK Method all by themselves.

So for some projects, 

I started training my tutors on the PACK method so that they could go on maintaining their marketing campaigns by themselves.

Here’s what some of them say:

[Math & Chemistry Tutor] Implementation of his ideas with speed and seeing them come to fruition - is something words cannot describe. He genuinely talks the talk and walks the walk!


[English Math Science Tutor] 10-15 enquiries every week... half of them sign up for 6 months!


[Chinese Tutor & Enrichment] Holiday programmes are consistently full house 2 weeks before the programme even starts!

More and more tutors asked for it.

I started doing 2-hour crash courses for $1,000 to teach them how to do this.

Sure, it was lucrative…

But it required alot of time commitment, plus it was draining to talk so much…

So I thought, why don’t I do it and package it all in a course and I don’t have to keep repeating myself over and over and over again? 

I asked around on my email list of tutors and contacts, tutors told me they wanted something like that.

And hence….

The PACK Method Online Course is born!

Imagine everything you’ve ever needed to learn about marketing your tutoring service… packed into one course:

That’s basically what the PACK Method Online Course is about.

Let me go through each and every part.

First, the Core Modules that complete PACK.

The 5 Core Modules:

To start off on a strong note…

I will be using this quick video to share with you the overall plan, as well as suggest specific ways you can be implementing the PACK Method.

This ensures that you get to your end point — enquiries and enrollments as fast as you want… while ensuring that you don’t burn out along the way.

I’ll be teaching you a very specific way to pinpoint the ideal parent you want to serve… who wants to be served by you as well.

Tutors tend to make mistakes if they zoom in too quickly, but I’ve designed the process such that all blindspots are covered.

I go through this process myself with my clients BEFORE we begin any project or campaign. 

And we do this again WHEN we start on a new campaign.

Some have even gone through this process 5 times…

And they get new revelations every single time we do this.

Specifically, there are 22 questions you must answer to:

This process doesn’t take long, but it must be done if you want to market well, and have 10/10 clients who you love to tutor…

The best part is… if you teach multiple subjects or topics.

You simply need to repeat this process again.

And you can find your ideal parent/student… anytime!

After you identify the ideal market…

It’s time to assemble the assets you need to attract them.

Most tutors get their positioning wrong… or they go for a very general positioning like “English Specialist”

This doesn’t do them a favour at all, and they lose out on eyeballs because they don’t stand out… 

You need 3 key ingredients to stand out, and I have a tutor-specific method to craft each and every one of them.

You will learn how to assemble the 3 Essentials:

1. Tutor Positioning that stands out to your ideal parent/student
2. Unique Method that solves their Real Underlying Problem
3. Risk-Free Offer that is easy to commit and subscribe to

There are specific steps to ensure that you don’t get misaligned or off direction.

And a specific sequence and flow so this way you don’t have to end up doing double work as well.

I use this myself to ensure I leave no stone unturned — because double work for me is multiplied by the number of clients I have.

You’ll also get specific examples that have been wildly successful, so that you know you’re on the right track. 

And after Assemble… you’ll be learning how to do…

For most tutors who have no idea what to write to market themselves, the key reasons always lie in module 2 and 3.

If you’ve done module 2 and 3 correctly, this part is not too challenging.

The copy almost writes itself.

However, there is of course, a certain flow which makes sure that you capture the most attention upfront,

I’ll be sharing with you a 11-step method to write your first powerful tuition ad copy… all by yourself.

I’ll even include real examples and copywrite ads on the spot so you can get some insights and key thought considerations I use in the creative process.

You’ll never get this from just reading and copy-pasting templates out there.

I’ll also be sharing with you ways to “refresh” the advertisement angle such that you can always keep it evergreen.

Many tutors who have ran advertisements feel they need to rewrite entirely every now and then.

But the truth is, you only need to know which parts to tweak to get a whole new angle.

My clients have used this to maintain their ads for 3-4 years without major changes.

And I’ll be sharing this technique only in this module.

Last but not least, I’ll teach you what I’ve learnt over the past 5 years of testing everything you can imagine on Facebook ads.

I will not tell you to “just test it” like unscrupulous marketers out there.

I already know exactly what works because I’ve ran over $625,000 worth of ads for tutors. 

I’ll be sharing with you things like… 

– How to get leads without a website… how to transfer them to your emails so that you can conveniently contact parents
– Why you should never, ever boost post or collect Page Likes again…
– Specific tuition interests I target depending on subject and level…
– How to set the age range correctly for tutors…
– Neighbourhood targeting that throws “digital flyers” around your neighbourhood…
– The only 2 campaign objectives that works for tutors on Facebook…
– The 1-3-3 ad testing structure I setup for all my clients…
– What absolutely NOT to do with certain settings, if not you’re basically donating your marketing dollars 
– How to setup your Facebook ad copy you just wrote, and how to select your ad image.
– How to troubleshoot your ads, overcome “ad fatigue”. and get them performing again without overhauling and doing extra work.
– How to scale your ads after you got the system down, so that you can grow from 10 students to 50, 50 to 100, 100 to 500 students.
– And much more…

By the way, Facebook and Instagram operate under the same platform, so I’ll be sharing with you some best practices for Instagram ads too.
If I just stopped here at PACK, this will already be the best tutor marketing course you’ll ever see out there.

But… I decided it wasn’t enough.

You see, along the many years of helping my clients with ad hoc requests on top of my usual services…

I realised that there are some common supporting needs that arise as a result of running your own marketing.

For example… 

Systems to followup over calls, emails… messaging…

Learning how to conduct webinars…

Even getting referrals or trying to scale the business to 7-figures and beyond once you got the system down.

I’ve compiled these under these 7 Support Modules, 

…so that the PACK Method course can truly be the complete and only marketing solution you’ll ever need for the rest of your life as a tutor.

Here’s what they contain:

The 7 Support Modules:

1. Tutor Followup System

Awhile ago, I spent days and created a complete template that I use to create followup systems for clients easily…

This way, they can use themselves when following up with leads… or to pass to an admin.

You’ll be getting an excel sheet which you can fill in some simple details,

And viola — the automation fires off. And a whole set of 10 emails, phone message, call script templates will pop up in front of your eyes.

We’ll include a video guide on how to use this so don’t worry about technicalities.

We use this internally to save time and resources…

And now, it’s yours to use :)
2. Tutor Webinars / Mass Enrollment System

While working with many tutors, I realised that teachers are not really naturally trained on how to communicate the best stuff about their programmes.

And so, I built a system which they can easily share be it with individual students or groups of parents/students.
This is a 15 step flow to systematically share things like:-
– Your credibility 
– The symptoms they are facing
– The key problem you solve
– Your unique method
– An example of 
– Your programme details…
– Your offer….
– Bonuses and risk-mitigators…
– Etc.

When you share, the sequence is important so that you don’t “turn-off” potential prospects.

My clients use this to get signups of between 50-90% of parents they meet.

So it’s super effective, and proven.

It includes a slide template as well as a script.

I have an entire training video to guide you on how you can use this as well. 
3. Tutor Referral System
Most tutors say referrals are their lifeblood and 90% of their business…

But almost none of them have any sort of referral system in place to consistently generate referrals.

In this support module, I’ll be sharing with you 24 referral systems I’ve implemented for my tutors.

It includes a PDF packed with 24 actual templates, example messages and emails you can send, and how-to executions.

Yes … there are 24 ways.

You’ll learn how referrals are not just a 1-way street after you receive my PDF.
4. 7-Figure Tutor Facebook Ad Scaling System
Great… now you’ve got the system down… what do you do next?

I’ve helped many tutors from under 10 students all the way to 800+ students.

Some tutors invest as much as $1,000 a day on Facebook ads….

The scaling game is very different compared to just running $5/day, and you need to have certain structures in place if you ever want to grow big into the 7-figures.

So in case you ever need it in the future…

In this support module, I’ll share some of the best practices and exact systems I’ve used to help you do so.

5. Tutor Email Marketing System & Templates
Some tutors have huge lists or prefer to build huge lists of prospects that they can slowly educate and nurture…

If this floats your boat… I’ll be happy to share how I’ve implemented effective systems for email marketing

I’ll teach and show you examples of how you can ‘wow’ a prospect and turn them into a loyal fan when they first subscribe to your emails.

I’ll also show you how you can setup your email automations on ActiveCampaign to do advanced stuff like…

– Graduating your students/parents year by year, so that you don’t have expired lists of graduates who don’t need your email
– Automated followup messages to people who’ve showed initial interest, but “ghosted” on you…
– The 3V1S approach that works best to ensure a steady balance between giving your prospects educational value and “selling” them one of your offers (you’ll never piss anyone off once you do 3V1S)

And then continue to keep yourself at the top of their minds with weekly educational emails.

And how to run occasional promotions without scaring them off.
6. Tutor Testimonial/Review Collection System (including how to record a video testimonial)
Same as referrals, tutors depend on testimonials and reviews to make their service “tangible”.

But the right systems are often not in place to collect testimonials effectively, timely AND collect the right information.

I’ll show you ways to get your students to powerfully commit to giving you reviews without feeling “awkward”.

And I’ll show you a complete template you can send to parents, and must-haves in order to ensure that you’re featuring the most important information potential customers are interested in.

This includes how-tos on video testimonials too! 

So look forward to the great value.
7. Tutor Landing Pages
How to easily write and build evergreen landing pages 

For those of you who have your own website, and want to know why some tutor webs

This is basically an advanced version of the Core Module: Copy where-

I’ll go into the full extent of sharing all 15+ steps of how to write…

And what you should include in your landing pages to make sure people who visit are almost sure to sign up.

If there’s demand, I’ll throw in a template here too on one of the most popular landing page builders, 

…so you literally have something you can upload and it’s basically a done-for-you structure.

This is the most valuable modules in the entire course.
I really should’ve stopped here after preparing 12-value packed modules….

But I didn’t.

You should be glad because I decided this STILL wasn’t enough.

I wanted to plug all the gaps, and I know from speaking with thousands of tutors that there are still 

So the good news is… on top of PACK…

On top of the support modules….

I’ll also be giving you…

6 Bonuses:

1. How To Sell Online Classes (Covid Special)
Many tutors have had to resort to sell online classes because of social distancing and lockdowns…

And thankfully on my side… our online classes campaigns succeeded for 100% of the clients I’ve worked with in the past 2 months.

In this bonus which is very relevant for the rest of this year and possibly in the foreseeable future…

I’ll share with you how to market and sell online classes, and the specific nuances to take note of… 

Especially compared to when you sell physical classes.
2. The Ace Math Case Study
This is the case study of an actual campaign we ran not long ago…

It’s part of a profit-sharing approach where we had to use our own page and accounts… 

So I’m fully able to share with some behind-the-scenes data without having to withhold anything.

The best part — it’s for a private tutor who started from 0, nothing.

So it’s a great example that can apply to virtually any type of tutor out there.

I’ll share with you everything from start to finish, so you have an actual example of what it takes to launch a successful tutor campaign for yourself too.
3. Tutor Strategic Thinking & Product Creation
How to increase the number of products and programmes you can offer on top of just offering tuition

Here’s an interesting thing.

I’ve had the benefit of not only working with tutors who sell programmes…

But also tutors and educators who sell everything from books… enrichment accessories… manipulatives… online courses… memberships etc etc.

So if you’re ever interested to take a step back and start looking at your tutoring service as a business with multiple products and revenue sources…

I’ll be sharing here on ways you can start doing so… based on my experiences.
4. The Tutor Lead Magnet Formula 
How to build your first email list and what to do to nurture them into students successfully

Ever wanted to build an email list but don’t know how?

Building a list is something I’ve offered to many client-tutors as a complimentary service.

There are specific things you must know to ensure that you don’t end up building a “junk list” of unqualified people who are not looking for your services…

And there’s a surefire method you can use to get leads for as low as 10 - 50 cents. 

It’s a great way for you to build a long term brand, and I’ll share with you exactly how.
5. Designing Eye-Catching Tutor Ad Images
How to pick and design eye-catching tutor advertisement images

Even if you don’t have existing students or classes that you can use as ad images…

We have a library of free resources that you can use to obtain attractive parent/student images for your ads easily.

And if you’re up for some simple design on easy and free platforms like Canva…

We’ll also be sharing things my designer does to make sure your images “pop out” on social media and get alot of attention.
6. Tutor & Student Story Crafting
How to differentiate your brand using tutor & student stories

Tutor Stories are one of the most powerful tools you can use for marketing.

They are just so memorable and sticky.

Certain stories even stick with us for life…

I’ll show you how to craft your Tutor Background Story…

Student Stories…

And how to link them all up so that parents read once and remember your story for life. 
So all in all, you’ll be getting.

5 Core Modules
7 Support Modules
6 Bonuses

All catered towards Tutors.

Last I checked, there’s nothing even close to this out there right now.

To give you a sense the depth you’re getting in each and every module.

Here’s a quick excerpt of the level of detail I cover under Facebook marketing (it’s in video format in the course):

Unlike other courses, I don’t just tell you to “test and see”. 

I tell you what exactly to do because I know exactly what works on the ground now.

Example Of A PACK Method Training

[Adapted from one of our training videos]

Today I’ll be doing a quick sharing on how we run Facebook ads at our agency, specifically when it comes to campaign structure and ad targeting.

These are actual targeting we’re using for clients this period, so no fluff and no BS. 

Today I’ll be doing a quick sharing on how we run Facebook ads at our agency, specifically when it comes to campaign structure and ad targeting.

These are actual targeting we’re using for clients this period, so no fluff and no BS. 
Based on personal experience over 5 years testing many objectives, there are really only 2 objectives that work to be honest.

One is conversion (leads or purchases), the other is lead generation.

The others, while being able to work to some extent, often end up giving alot junk clicks and junk leads as well. 

Or they don’t purchase anything for the e-commerce campaigns.

You get very impressive superficial results, but often at the end of the day we’re looking at a qualified lead with email/name/phone or a purchase with an average order value of $19-$49.

Or ads end up not being profitable.

Try to go for 1 campaign - 3 adsets - 1 ad in each adset for a start. It’s the easiest way to know what’s working when you get your data.
Area — always target people LIVING in that area. 

If you target everyone in the area it means you’re targeting tourists and foreigners too.

Geographic — +3 miles or +5km is a good place to start if you’re running tutoring in your area. Otherwise go islandwide. 

Sometimes far out areas don’t respond well for us so we might exclude the west and north as well.

Age — be sure to take your ideal age range, and then plus minus 5 years. This is because some people have fake ages on their profile. 

If you’re scaling campaigns, then feel free to run the full 18-65 years old

Interests — priority is actual brands that people use (e.g. learning lab, adam khoo, ntuc, ministry of education) — these tend to be the most accurate compared to generic terms like “property investing”. 

Also you minimise the rate of attracting junk and fake clicks — one particular one is the “consulting” interest online. 

Demographic targeting sounds really sexy — like Parents (3 - 6 years old) but for some reason they don’t really work well. I suspect the data is outdated.

Try narrowing interests if you really want to up the quality. 

For example a parent who’s interested in Gary Vaynerchuck X Small Business Owner X Facebook Business Admin has a really good chance of being a business owner too. 

Expand interests box — BE SURE TO TICK NO

Try to create 1 interest for every adset for a start. 

This way your data is cleaner and you know what works and you can continue putting effort in it.

Placements — Facebook mobile newsfeed placements are still the best. Most purchases and signups are done on phones nowadays. 

And 99% of their eyeballs are on the newsfeed anyway, it usually doesn’t make sense to target anywhere else. 

ONLY if you’re really good at using stories, then try the stories placements. 

There are also some settings at the bottom but be sure to set something like 1 Day Click & View, optimise for leads/conversions as well.
Test image first. 

Videos are good but they sometimes create alot of variables that distract people from getting to the page or signing up which is what you really want.

I prefer to test videos in 2nd or 3rd phase after the image ad is already performing. This way you know you have a message that works.”
As you can see, everything I share is specifically for tutors.

In fact, it’s probably the ONLY marketing course for tutors out there. (I searched but couldn’t find any)

It’s definitely inexpensive compared to $36,000 if you were to engage my consultations and agency services for 1 year.

It’s the closest I can get to helping more tutors with the limited time resources that I currently have.

[Primary & Secondary Chinese] Marketing works across most of our programs!


[Science Tutor] Working with them is so fuss free.. even suggested improvement to how we conduct calls to parents.


[English & Chinese Tutor] Helped sales of our English and Chinese lessons as well as generating enquiries via Facebook ad… helped us stand out against other education providers!

"TMF has helped us in many areas, including the sales of our English and Chinese lessons as well as generating enquiries via Facebook ads. I especially appreciate the advice they have given us on the ad creatives that have helped us to stand out against other education providers. Want to generate enquiries via Facebook ads but don’t know where to start? Find out more from TMF."

- Rosalind, Founder of Fun Language Learning

When you get the course, you get the full templates, systems and strategies that I’ve been using to get results for my clients for over 5+ years.
These are actual backend systems that I use, that have never before been shared.

There are also not only explanation videos to help you implement but also live-examples where you can look over my shoulder as I show you how I craft actual methods and write tutor ad copy.

I’ll share more Math examples first as they are the most common and the same principles should apply to most tutors across the board.

But I’ve made it such that it’ll be something you can easily apply no matter what subject you teach.

If there’s popular demand, I’ll add in the other examples later on :)

You can also access us via email to sort out any questions I may have missed out. 

If it applies to many other tutors, I’ll probably record a segment and upload it as well.

So this course is a growing and living course that improves with your feedback as well.

Why am I doing this instead of just exclusively focusing on my $36,000 a year clients?

You see, I’ve been doing this for 5 years.

And for tutors with above 50 students to hundreds of students, the economics makes sense for them to outsource their marketing to me.

But for 5 years, it’s been a nagging problem for me that I had to reject many private tutors.

And for some of them, they had a really great attitude and I truly wanted to work with them.

But our goals couldn’t align because of the difference.

So training them would economically make sense, but doing for them wouldn’t.

With this course, I’m aiming to address this personal nagging issue once and for all.

And just to be upfront, this course also represents a way for me to finally have my own “product”.

Similar to how math tutors release books and e-courses…

Which is really great for any service-based business like mine and yours.

And the last thing is…

Whenever I help a tutor win, it feels like getting a win for myself that I didn’t get back when I failed my tutoring business.

So it just feels great for me emotionally to help tutors like you win as well.

So if our interests are aligned and win-win.

Here’s an offer I’d like to make to you.

You’re definitely not gonna pay $36,000 for this.

Not half of that.

Not even 10% of it.

For this special launch to gain full & permanent access to my PACK Method to grow your student enrollments…

It’s just $997. $297 for a limited time!

Here’re a few facts:

– It’s just 1% of my usual fees compared to if you work with me directly now.

– It’s a 70% discount off the list price of $997 for a limited time.

And let's not talk about the average of 50 more students that other tutors have already gotten using the PACK Method.

If you managed to get even 1 more student which is a completely conservative goal, it’ll cover your investment for the PACK Method in 2 months or less.

In case you were wondering why $297 as well…

I thought it’ll be pretty fair that this is a $1+ a day investment you make in yourself and your businesses for a year.

If you are unwilling or unable to even invest a dollar in yourself everyday.

Then I’m afraid the PACK Method may not be the best fit for you right now.

YES! I Want To Get More Students With The PACK Method
 (Give Me Instant Access Right Now!)

After you click the button, you’ll be taken to the order page to process your payment details.

And once you’re done, you’ll receive a welcome email that contains your login.

You’ll have instant access to the 5 Core Modules, 7 Support Modules and 6 Bonus Modules under The PACK Method.

Your Investment in The PACK Method Also Comes With A 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

YES! I Want To Get More Students With The PACK Method

The Choice Is Yours

Right now, you have the chance to get The PACK Method for yourself and…
  • Never wonder what to do about having no enquiries again
  • Never suffer from a lack of students again
  • Never getting stuck when thinking about how to market yourself again
And you can experience first-hand just how great being a “marketing-savvy” tutor is when…
  • Everything marketing campaign you create and send out gets you enquiries and signups…
  • You start adding more zeroes into your income…
  • The confidence you have in your business and yourself… even despite everything that’s going on with the current situation out there.
That’s certainly the choice I would make if I were you…

But it’s not your only option.

You could also choose not to invest in The PACK Method right now…

And to let your life continue on exactly as it currently is.

If you make that decision, more power to you…

I’m not going to sit here and say that if you don’t get The PACK Method today…

Your life will suffer and you’ll not get students blah blah blah …

Because frankly I don’t know you…

And maybe your life is already pretty good.

The truth is though:

It actually doesn’t matter because…

Regardless of where you find yourself standing right now…

The PACK Method is the map that gets you to where you want to go next.

I know that’s how it was for me…

I’m very grateful for that fact…

And I’m very thankful that I was able to share The PACK Method with you today.

Cheers To Your Success,

- Gary Ong

YES! I Want To Get More Students With The PACK Method

Frequently Asked Questions

PACK stands for Pinpoint, Assemble, Copy, and Key Channels.

It’s a four-step tutor marketing process I’ve used to work with over 50+ tutors over the past 5 years.

The reason The PACK Method is so important is because it provides a systematised, step-by-step approach to writing sales copy.

With Pinpoint, you’ll gain a strong perspective of your ideal parent/student as well as their Real Underlying Problem.

With Assemble, you’ll gather and craft the 3 Essentials that will help you stand out and be more attractive to your ideal parent/student — Tutor Positioning, Unique Method and Risk-Free Offer.

With Copy, you’ll have a step by step process and templates to write any form of tutor advertisement — that gets you more enquiries compared to what you’re currently doing.

With Key Channels, you’ll get all the latest insights and best practices to run digital marketing ads online using Facebook or Instagram… so you don’t have to waste money doing tests on your own.
Pretty much any tutor... 

Or even teacher looking to leave school and start your private tutoring practice... 

Be it academic subjects, or enrichment.

It can also work for businesses with similar models as tutoring.

Plus, this can also be for education consultants… or even freelancers & agencies who market, or plan to open a marketing arm for tutors & other educators. (I will likely have referrals for you too as I can't serve all the tutor enquiries myself...)

With the PACK Method, you’ll be benefitting by having a complete system that teaches you how to get enquiries.

With the PACK Method, you’ll finally get full control over your number of students once and for all.

Having said this... let me also lay out-

Who is this NOT for?

- Tutors not willing to put in work to learn like a student, make mistakes and improve themselves

- Tutors who are not ready to set aside a marketing budget of at least $15 a day for 1 month

- Tutors who already have a highly sophisticated marketing engine... getting consistent students already and you don’t need additional help at all

- Tutors who are already at full capacity

- Tutors who do not want to handcraft success marketing campaigns or work with simple technology at all

- Tutors who do not want to invest in themselves and their own business

- Tutors who expect a miracle pill and instant results

If you belong to any of the above, the PACK Method is NOT for you.
The PACK Method was originally created to help me write market and grow 50+tutors via Facebook marketing.

But as you can see inside the program… it also works to virtually any type of marketing you do as a tutor.

You can apply these to your flyers

On your tutor directory assignment postings…

Even to get more referrals

The options are endless, as long as your objective is to get more students. The PACK Method will apply to you.
Inside The PACK Method…

You’re given my entire PACK Method…

In clear, step-by-step, details.
It’s a training program that’s LOADED with over-the-shoulder videos where I am:
  • Breaking down each step of PACK in a logical, easy to understand way…
  • Walking-you-through multiple examples in each step
  • Then actually showing each step in “real time” for you – that way you can watch the entire PACK process from start-to-finish.
The heart of the system is 5 Core Modules, and here’s what they are:
  • Core Module #1: Welcome
  • Core Module #2: Pinpoint
  • Core Module #3: Assemble
  • Core Module #4: Copy
  • ​Core Module #5: Key Channels
And if that weren’t enough…
The PACK Method also comes with 7 Support Modules:
  • Support Module #1: Tutor Followup System 
  • Support Module #2: Tutor Webinars / Mass Enrollment System 
  • Support Module #3: Tutor Referral System 
  • Support Module #4: 7-Figure Tutor Facebook Ad Scaling System
  • ​Support Module #5: Tutor Email Marketing System & Templates
  • ​Support Module #6: Tutor Testimonial/Review Collection System
  • ​Support Module #7: Tutor Landing Pages
And 6 Bonuses!
  • Bonus Module #1:
 How To Sell Online Classes (Covid Special) 
  • Bonus Module #2:
 The Ace Math Case Study
  • Bonus Module #3:
 Tutor Strategic Thinking & Product Creation
  • Bonus Module #4:
 The Tutor Lead Magnet Formula 
  • ​Bonus Module #5:
 Designing Eye-Catching Tutor Ad Images
  • ​Bonus Module #6:
 Tutor & Student Story Crafting
Here's a quick video of what's in the course:
This part is totally the “urgency” part…

Where I’m telling you it’s urgent to get The PACK Method today while it’s still online...

So you buy today, instead of putting it off until tomorrow.

In this section, I’ve got to tell you that this website could be taken down at any time…

And that’s pretty standard marketing stuff…

Although in this case…

It really is also true.

The reason for this “scarcity” here…

Is because I’m really not sure how my clients are going to react to this page or offer…

And considering they’re paying me upwards of $36,000 per year to be trained in The PACK Method…

Yet you’re getting the whole program today, for 1/100 of the normal cost…

If my clients are too pissed about this…

Then I really will take this page down and stop offering The PACK Method to the public.
My goal is that The PACK Method is the most clear and easy-to-follow tutor marketing system ever presented to tutors.

With that being said though…

If you do have any questions, or if anything is unclear…

I’m providing one year email support for buyers of the PACK Method.

You can ask any questions about the course or the method…

And either me, or someone senior in my team will answer you.

I did this so that you can invest in The PACK Method today in total confidence…

And know that you’ll never get lost or become confused…

Because me and my team will with you the entire time…

Helping to guide you along the path to success.
Yep. Your investment in The PACK Method comes with a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

This means right now, you can get inside The PACK Method and start going through the modules without any financial risk.

I’m wildly confident that this method is going to change your life forever…

Because there’s nothing else like it in existence…

And what I’ve created is essentially an A-Z Masterclass in tutor marketing

Something that covers EVERY aspect of tutor marketing that’s needed to increase enquiries, get more signups, multiple your students and business.

But if you don’t love The PACK Method for any reason…

Simply email my support team with your completed PACK Method workbook…

Fill up a request form…

And we’ll refund your entire investment with no questions asked.

So all the risk is on me here…

And you get to try out The PACK Method and see if it’s the right fit for you!
I’m Gary Ong, the Founder of Tuition Marketing Formula. 

I run an agency specialising in advertising for tutors, and as of now. Here’s my experience:

– Partnered over 50+ tutors to grow their students over the past 5 years

– Directly generated over 12,500+ enquiries & $7.5 million worth of student fees for clients

Experienced with marketing most subjects across the board --- English, Math, Science, Chinese, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IP, IB across Preschool, Primary, Secondary & JC Levels.

– Experienced with tutors, large tuition chains, enrichment centres, private schools & universities. Developed 27+ customised strategies depending on your current number of students.

– ​Regional Presence: We've participated in projects in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Phillippines, India, UK & US as well.
That part’s easy!

Just click the button you see below right now, and then complete the order form on the next page.

After you do that, you’ll have instant access to the members area…

You’ll have instant access to the 5 Core Modules, 7 Support Modules and 6 Bonus Modules under The PACK Method.

This means that in a matter of a few short minutes from now…

You could already be on your way to mastering PACK…

And changing your life in the process!

Just click the button you see below right now, and then complete the order form on the next page.

YES! I Want To Get More Students With The PACK Method

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