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PACK Method is the COMPLETE marketing & enrolment  online course for tutors that contains:
  • My insider Tutor Marketing Strategy that has generated over 17,500 enquiries and 2,500 students for my clients...
  • 22 Questions you must ask yourself to pinpoint your ideal student successfully (and ideal parent)
  • The exact formula to craft your Tutor Positioning, Unique Method & Risk-Free Offers to stand out and attract your ideal students despite a crowded sea of tutors
  • 11-Step Tutor Ad Copywriting Formula... so that you can write your first powerful ad easily! (Some of my tutors wrote ads that lasted 4 years!)
  • ​Facebook/Instagram Campaign Setup Structure - a screen by screen walkthrough and setup secrets I learned from spending over $625,000 on tuition ads.
  • Tutor Followup System - A template that generates 10 emails, phone messages & call scripts customised to your tutoring services!
  • Tutor Webinars / Workshop System - 15-Steps flow, proven webinar slide template and webinar script that has helped my clients consistently convert as much as 30-50% of their attendees!
  • 24 Referral Systems & Templates that has helped my tutors get more students for free!
  • 7-Figure Tutor Facebook Ad Scaling System - How to scale your digital ads above $1,000/day and build a 7-figure tuition empire!
  • ​Tutor Email Marketing System & Templates - The 3VS1 system and a full set of 10+ copy-paste email templates to build and nurture a list of students & parents who will sign up for classes after classes!
  • ​Tutor Testimonial/Review Collection System - A complete template you can copy and send to your students and parents to collect powerful testimonials that showcase your results without feeling awkward.
  • ​Tutor Landing Pages - 15 Steps to build a one-page website that gets you enquiries... plus a free template that you can immediately use and save time!
  • How To Sell Online Classes successfully and get students despite lockdowns and social distancing!
  • The Ace Math Case Study - a full behind-the-scenes breakdown of how I helped a private tutor start from 0 student to getting her first 20 students!
  • Tutor Strategic Thinking & Product Creation - for advanced tutors. how to go beyond tuition and productise your teaching into books, courses, memberships and more!
  • The Tutor Lead Magnet Formula - How to build your first email list to thousands of subscribers and what to do to nurture them into students successfully
  • ​Designing Eye-Catching Tutor Ad Images - Want to know the secret to what stands out online and how to create them even if you're not a professional designer? We'll show it to you!
  • ​Tutor & Student Story Crafting - How to differentiate yourself and your brand using tutor & student stories
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is Norman Tien and Neuromath?
Neuromath was founded in 2002 by Mr Norman Tien, a PSLE Math Trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience. His passionate drive to help every child excel acts as a catalyst, inspiring his team to deliver quality teaching and help learners realise their full potential. Supported by a dynamic team, Neuromath has delivered the learning solutions to thousands of students from pre-primary to secondary levels.

Our highly qualified, experienced teachers are constantly committed in extensive research to keep abreast of the developments in Math education. They exhibit a strong desire of going the extra mile to ensure each child receives the best opportunity to grow, and be equipped with relevant tools to succeed in school and life.

Consistently over the past 17 years, many of our students have experienced "F to A" result shifts. Just this year, some even jumped from 20+ to 70+ marks after just 1 term with us!
Other centres are charging hundreds of dollars for workshops and crash courses, why is the price lower?
I’ve kept this affordable because this workshop is part of Neuromath’s vision this year to reach out to more parents beyond those already attending our programmes.

By showcasing our in-house methods usually available to our students only, our desire is to help students learn math the right way at young age so that they can love and excel in their math learning journey, instead of struggling and ending up hating math.
How often will this workshop take place?
For now at least, this is a special event for this time of the year with no repeat events intended. Do make arrangements to come down if you can as it can potentially be a one-time sharing by Mr. Norman Tien!
Should I attend this event if my child already has tuition?
Definitely! A parent’s learning journey is never-ending, and the more tools and “weapons” you have at your disposal to help your child improve during critical timings, the more you will have an easier time come PSLE time. 

Moreover from this short 3-hour workshop, you will immediately know if your child is learning math the right way or by pure memorising. Once they start learning the correct way, regardless how assessments and exams rewrite the same problem sum, your child will still be able understand how to solve, and that can tide them through any changes that come in the next few years.
Who is this 4-Step Primary Math Excellence Workshop for?
This workshop is most effective and highly recommended for Kindergarten 2 to Primary 4 Parents.
What are the 4 Core Math Skills?
It's the 4-step skills to look out for that a child needs to learn in order to solve Math Problems effectively:

Without learning any of these 4 skills, a child will be forced to memorise and regurgitate, which is a more inefficient way of learning that cannot tackle today’s real world math problems demanded in the curriculum.
How effective are the 4 Core Math Skills?
This is backed by scientific research, and we’ve been using this as our secret sauce to produce year after year of stellar results for our students

From 17 marks to 92 marks for SA2…

Multiple students even scoring full marks for their SA2s last year…

These are all testaments to the fact that the method works.
I have other questions.
For any inquiries, please write in to us at ask@neuromathacademy.com.
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